Adored by Parisians, Michel Perry was invited by F. Pinet in 2019 to imagine this capsule collection in the Pop Couture spirit. Together, the historic brand and the famous designer reinvented twelve iconic models of the House inspired by the archives they named in reference to the women of yesterday and today.

This capsule collaboration, which breaks free from schedules and conventions, is a precious twist that mixes vitality and functionality!

The 60's style derbies and classic vamp moccasins amaze the tarmac in neon leather or black and white optics. Their new Poudrier heel - a false flat in gold metal - is inspired by this quintessential feminine object and plays with a mix of genres. It combines subtlety and capacity for action.

In a precious touch, a crystal jewel lands on the tangy mules that abandon dizzying heights to accompany the unbridled dynamism of an active woman.

Like a small golden curve, the Bobine heel pays homage to the Louis XV heel for which François Pinet was known worldwide. Delicately placed under the Astrid pumps and boots, it enlivens their timeless allure with a touch of Couture madness.