A Little Piece of Eternity

Over 160 Years Of Creation

In the 19th century, when the great couturiers had not yet been invented, the shoe was a symbol of French elegance, and François Pinet was one of its representatives. Discover the story of this outstanding craftsman who revolutionized the world of footwear by liberating women.

françois pinet

"The Artist Of Elegance & Comfort"

Shoemaker for the elegant

"The bootmaker who gives wings to women"

at the height of fashion

"The most fashionable shoemaker"


"The Social and Humanist Innovator"

Live the story of F.Pinet

Each pair of F.Pinet shoes is an invitation to walk on the historical path of the brand.


François Pinet joins the shoemakers-bootmakers at the Compagnons du Devoir under the name of Tourangeau la rose d'amour.


The first patent for the Bobine heel is registered: a stronger, thinner and a more stable option next to the popular Louis XV heel.


François Pinet creates the F.Pinet brand and begins to distribute his collections throughout France.


F. Pinet moves to 42-44 rue du Paradis-Poissonnière with a new large boutique, offices and workshops.


F. Pinet receives his first medal at the World’s Fair (Exposition universelle) for his technical innovations.


The Madeleine flagship store is opened at the corner of Rue Cambon and Boulevard de Madeleine.


F. Pinet, a now globally well-renowned brand, opens a flagship store in London on New Bond Street.


F. Pinet's international expansion continues with stores in New York, Vienna, and Cairo among others.


Roger Vivier creates a collection in the colors of British royalty and brings the iconic Bobine (Spool) heel up to date.


Salvatore Ferragamo, the shoe designer to the stars, is invited to create the F.Pinet collections.


Stuart Weitzman succeeds Roger Vivier and Salvatore Ferragamo as guest designer.


Frédéric Foubet Marzorati, better known under the name of Fred Marzo, becomes artistic director of F.Pinet.