L'inspiration de la nouvelle collection Printemps-Eté 2021

Behind the Scenes of Our 2021 Spring-Summer Collection


The new collection that was inspired by Marie-Antoinette was imagined and designed by Frederick Foubet Marzorati, artistic director of Maison F. Pinet.

Seduced by the rebellious soul, the eccentricity and the assumed femininity of this heroine, he gives us a contemporary vision that is reminiscent of certain scenes from Sofia Coppola's film.
Frederick Foubet Marzorati, Artistic Director at F.Pinet
Inspired by this royal woman, F. Pinet confirms his admiration for the independent women who have marked history, and at the same time offers a world of festive flavors and freedom.
Marie-Antoinette in the Sophia Copolla film (2006)
In this collection which combines softness and vitality, velvet leathers in powdered hues meet the rock'n'roll colors of metallic leathers.
Book d'inspiration de Frederick Foubet Marzorati
Frederick Foubet Marzorati, Sophie pump drawings.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A true obsession, the knot on Marie-Antoinette's corsets and headdresses is worked in all its forms. It is sometimes evoked by a subtle play of cutting on the Marie model, sometimes by the use of materials such as grosgrain for the Isadora sandal. With the new Sophie pump, Frederick Foubet Marzorati even goes so far as to offer a jewel version, in reference to Marie-Antoinette's favorite brooch.