F.Pinet collabore avec Michel Perry

F.Pinet Works With Michel Perry

Adored by Parisians, designer Michel Perry joins forces with F. Pinet to refer to the women of yesterday and imagine the heroines of today through a capsule collection that mixes vitality and functionality.

Through this collection, the designer revisits the F. Pinet heel, a central element of the shoemaker since its inception and the source of its success following the filing of numerous patents.


The heel is an essential art at F. Pinet. Formerly placed at the heart of the quest for innovation, it has been the subject of numerous patents.

A tribute to the Louis XV heel for which François Pinet was recognized worldwide, the Bobine heel is a small golden curve that sits like a jewel under the pump.


Designed as a false flat heel, the Poudrier heel is inspired by this sensual and feminine object par excellence, the epitome of beauty. Associated here with the Elodie derbies, he plays with a mix of genres, combining subtlety and capacity for action.

Specially developed by an Italian heel, the two heels are in resin covered with gold metal.