Colette, Sophie, Angèle se parent des inspirations de la saison

Colette, Sophie, Angèle adorn themselves with the inspirations of the season

This week, we take you behind the scenes of the new F.Pinet collection with the inspirations of our Artistic Director Fred Foubet Marzorati ...
 Colette  Loafer Sketch Fred Foubet Marzorati
This season, Frederick Foubet Marzorati revisits his timeless Colette loaferinspired by the universe of Marie-Antoinette. He adds a small bead to the iconic asymmetric chain. This is a reference to a very large pearl pendant that Marie-Antoinette used to associate with her famous knot-shaped brooch, which also gave birth to our model Sophie.
Sophie pump drawing by Fred Foubet Marzorati
A true excellent jeweled shoe, Sophie is adorned with a rhinestone bow to recall the many bows on Marie-Antoinette's corsets. This jewel is also a reference to a famous brooch that this queen of France would have worn in the past ...
 Angèle slipper sketch by Fred Foubet Marzorati

Frederick Foubet Marzorati pays homage to his grandmother Angèle by imagining this slipper to which he gives his name. This season, Angèle is dressed in a powdered suede leather and a small metallic leather pompom which are reminiscent of the carriage and the opulent candy pink decorations of the famous film "Marie-Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola, one of the inspirations of this collection .


Les inspirations de Fred Foubet Marzorati et la création de la nouvelle collection.