Dans les coulisses de F.Pinet avec Frederick Foubet Marzorati

Behind the scenes of F.Pinet with Frederick Foubet Marzorati

We continue to create our future collections from home.

This week, we invite you to travel behind the scenes of F. Pinet. More precisely, we take you to meet the one who imagines your next shoes every day: Fred Foubet Marzorati, our Artistic Director.
To find out more about these inspirations, we asked him a few questions:

1. A dear childhood memory linked to the shoe?
I loved going into my grandmother's dressing room, I opened her shoe closet and gazed at her pumps, she was a flirtatious and elegant woman.

2. Why shoes?
Because it's much more than an accessory, it ends and can radically change the outfit!
What I like is having to express myself on a small area with all the technical constraints, a challenge for each new model.


3. If you are told "iconic woman" - who do you think of first? Why?

Vanessa Paradis, I love her shyness, her strength, her modesty, she is true to herself and that's what I like.

4. The biggest faux pas a woman can make when it comes to shoes?

Having an unsightly, vulgar gait and dragging your feet - that goes for men too!

5. What is your sweet spot?
Massages, especially for the feet and hands!

6. During lockdown, I took more time to….
... enjoy the company of my loved ones, think about my projects, my desires and my future.

7. Your favorite color-material combination?

Without hesitation, my favorite color is red, I really like to combine the different prints or black and navy for example, velvet remains the material that I appreciate for the depth of colors and exotic leathers such as python or snake. water for the relief they provide.




8. Which Pinet Shoe Would You Wear?

The Marlène 9 pump in rose gold lamé leather.

9. What was your inspiration for the next Spring-Summer 2021 collection in 3 adjectives?

Contemporary, modern and bright Marie-Antoinette.

10. Can you give us your iconic butternut squash gratin recipe?
Well tried !

11. What are you working on at the moment?
I am finalizing the Spring-Summer 2021 models for production (fittings, modifications of certain lines, etc.) and in parallel I design the Fall-Winter 2021-2022 collection.




12. What changes does lockdown make in your day-to-day work? How has confinement changed your inspiration and your imagination?

Lockdown forces me to work remotely and therefore prevents me from working with our manufacturers in Italy. It can curb inspiration because I can no longer go out, do exhibitions, observe and it stimulates my imagination in a certain way because it gives me more time to think about the collection and the models.